Yi Ma range of services:
1 international air freight services: with EK, QR, MHCX, CA, CZ and so on more than a dozen airlines have agreed price, keeping good cooperation!
2 International Express: (Hong Kong DHL, UPS agent, professional agents FedEx, TNT, EMS, international line);
3 FCL LCL import and export, international logistics integrated services. Import and export of goods from the packaging, handling, pre-shipment, booking agents, customs clearance, customs clearance, document processing, tax write-off, as well as the port of destination LCL unpacking, diversion, door to door service, etc., to import customs clearance, delivery, storage, transit, distribution, door to door transportation. Yi Ma is fully capable goods according to the characteristics and requirements of our customers design and implement customized solutions. Every employee of the Company will be the most sincere attitude to reach customers, to serve our customers!