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EMA international logistics co., LTD. Is a professional and international logistics company specializing complete clearance in these routes such as China to Russia, Thailand and Venezuela. We have air freight, shipping and express service. Our company has received many honors:in 2002 China Ministry of Commerce approved us as

national freight forwarding companies, and now we are already member of FIATA and CIFA and Guangzhou Logistics Association. In 2008 the company was named the Guangdong 50 "good faith" freight forwarding business; 2009 the company was named Guangzhou 20 "cutting-edge" freight forwarding companies. Company is very specialized, standardized and humane. Company are divided in these departments: Customer Service, operations department, inspection department, finance department, warehousing, transportation department.



Sales department -- -- -- -- -- is responsible for market development, research; Customer development.
Customer service -- - responsible for all customer inquiries; Tracking the position of the goods and information at any time; Regularly review customer satisfaction.
-- -- -- -- -- operations department are responsible for customer waybill, making policy; Modules of commodity, number of delivery time.
The inspection department -- -- -- -- -- responsible for accept the goods; Check the accuracy of the information with the customer specification for goods, if you have any questions will be in the first time to inform with customer.
The finance department -- -- -- -- - responsible for the company's financial revenues and expenditures, different kinds of cargo transport price of accounting.
Warehousing department -- -- -- -- - the transfer of the goods; The cargo loading of the goods.
Due to years of working experience in the logistics market, we can provide customers with the list of Chinese suppliers, these suppliers are recognized for our reliable supplier system. List of suppliers and their product categories, and always will be updated on our website.